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STFU (Shut The Fuck Up)

  Oldie but Gooldie. One more of Nowness's Define Beauty project: Marie Schuller uses footage of dancer Remy Fox, known for her provocative performance style and unapologetic approach to female sexual empowerment, to contrast with the voices of the trolls that litter comments across her social...

Don’t Try This at Home

  On NOWNESS's Fetish Untied series we find a provocative portrait of a sexual act that will leave you breathless. Mamady Condé and Ryan Hope present a challenging portrait of an activity that by definition is dangerous: erotic asphyxiation or ‘breath control play’, the act of striving for sexual gratification...


  On NOWNESS #DefineBeauty weekly series we find James Lee's short: Cooked: “Human beings have always had a complex relationship to tanning”   ...

‘The Magic Gap’ by Guy Aroch

  On NOWNESS #DefineBeauty weekly series we find fashion photographer and director Guy Aroch's short: The Magic Gap. Guy Aroch turns his lens on the controversial thigh-gap obsession. The 1970s-hued short features the model Chanel Iman.   ...

‘Crème Caramel’ by Canada

  On NOWNESS #DefineBeauty weekly series we find Canada's short: Crème Caramel.Canada turn an innocent dessert into an erotic ideal. “When you are obsessed with someone, it’s not just with that someone—it’s with the shape of the hips, the color of the nipples, or the shade of her hair when...

“Autoerotic” by Can Evgin

  Ballet dancer Sonoya Mizuno seduces an albino python in this hypnotic, high-fashion short that features clothes by Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent. Directed by Can Evign for NOWNESS and Garage Magazine.   ...