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Cult Camera: Fujifilm GF670

  In August 2014, Fujifilm decided to discontinue one of its most ingenious medium format devices, the GF670. Unfortunately, as the masses leaned towards digital, the company halted production for the aforesaid camera due to the increasing lack of popularity for all things film. This time around, however,...

Cult Camera: Kodak’s Ektra

  Kodak presents Ektra - the unic photography-first smartphone that (they say) it's about more than just megapixels. With unic textured finish and premium materials: the KODAK EKTRA looks and feels like a camera with a plus (the phone stuff). More info here. https://www.kodakphones.com/ektra/     ...

Cult Camera: Leica in Portugal

  The first Leica store open in Portugal is in Oporto – Rua Sá da Bandeira 48/52! The truth is that a large part of Leica cameras production is made in Portugal – so we can say: we deserved it! But this it’s not the only good...

Cult Camera: Yashica T4

  This camera became famous, famous enough to be considered a cult camera, because it was used by the also famous celebrity/fashion/etc photographer Terrence ‘Terry’ Richardson. Richardson has been running the photography game for a while now. Over the years, he's photographed nearly every model, actress, and musician...