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Cláudia Lupin



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I´m passionate about Books, Movies and Nature, those 3 things define who I am and what I love to do. There´s nothing more confortoble to me than a bed, a cup of coffee and a good book.
I´m also passionate about animal rights and I rescue and found forever homes to abandoned ones.

When was your first photoshoot with this kind of aesthetic? What made you say yes to these kinds of projects?

My first photoshoot was fully naked and it was for Suicide Girls. I was super nervous but at the same time I felt powerful because I gained this aceptance of my body that I didn´t have before. It made me realize that I could be sexy, I could feel hot as f***, even if I wear an XL.

Do you see this as an impermanent hobby or something you’d like to pursue professionally?

I would love the pursue it professionally, not just because I love fashion and makeup, but mostly because I´m passionate about the empowerment of the womans body in all it´s shapes and sizes.

As a woman, how do you contemplate being photographed in such an intimate environment?

On my first shoots I was nervous but now It´s totally natural to me being on lingerie or totally naked in front of a photographer. That´s the aceptance I was talking about ,the naturality of a naked body and its beauty.

Is there a difference in being photographed by a man or by a woman?

Yes, men use to be more kinkier in their projects and I like that. They have (of course) a specific vision about a woman´s body and usually I prefer to shoot with them. Most of my favorite photographers are men and their work are kinda sexual and erotic (at least in my perspective). It´s like you can´t keep your eyes out of it. I love that.

Is there a particular photographer that you would like to work with?

Yes, Corwin Prescott.

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